Looking back on a year in search, people had billions of questions and searches that led down unexpected paths. Many people all over the world reshaped their lives and communities, and Google Search data offers insights into those changing priorities and habits likely to last.

We looked back at the top seven shifts in consumer behavior over the year, which included everything from an increase in searches for sustainable living to redefining what “normal” looks like. Searches for “takeout restaurants” continued to rise globally, as did “second hand stores,” “online learning,” and “online dating.”

YoY searches for “online dating” have grown 200%

Ex: eharmony online dating, online dating app, online dating apps

YoY searches for “fancy restaurants near me” have grown 100%

Ex: best fancy restaurants near me, fancy restaurants near me for dinner, nice fancy

restaurants near me

YoY searches for “watch party” have grown 90%

Ex: private watch party, netflix watch party, hulu watch party

YoY searches for “multiplayer games online” have grown 100%

Ex: multiplayer games online with friends, multiplayer games online with friends

survival, car multiplayer games online

YoY searches for “near me with outdoor seating” have grown 150%

Ex: coffee shops near me with outdoor seating, restaurant near me with

outdoor seating

YoY searches for “car shows near me this ___” have grown 400%

Ex: car shows near me this weekend, local car shows near me this weekend,

classic car shows near me this weekend

YoY searches for “in theaters now” have grown* 500%

Ex: top movies in theaters now 2021, new movies in theaters now

YoY searches for “concert tickets” have grown* 200%

Ex: abba voyage concert tickets, cheap concert tickets, sell concert tickets

YoY searches for “fitness apps” have grown 40%

Ex: fitness apps, fitness apps for women, free fitness apps, best fitness apps

YoY searches for “ideas for beginners” have grown 50%

Ex: drawing ideas for beginners, bullet journal ideas for beginners, easy painting ideas

for beginners

YoY searches for “how to invest” have grown 60%

Ex: how to invest in bitcoin, how to invest money, how to invest in mutual funds

YoY searches for “online learning” have grown 70%

Ex: online learning, online learning platforms, online learning apps

YoY searches for “tv wall design” have grown 400%

Ex: modern tv wall design, living room modern tv wall design, tv wall design simple

YoY searches for “study table for ___” have grown 90%

Ex: study table for kids, study table for students, study table for girls

YoY searches for “follow up email after interview” have grown 80%

Ex: follow up email after interview status, short and sweet follow up email after

interview, second follow up email after interview

YoY searches for “good career path” have grown* 300%

Ex: is finance a good career path, is energy a good career path, is consumer

services a good career path

YoY searches for “handyman near me” have grown 100%

Ex: handyman near me small jobs, cheap handyman near me, local handyman near

me, best handyman near me

YoY searches for “house cleaning services near me” have grown 100%

Ex: best house cleaning services near me, local house cleaning services near me

YoY searches for “installation near me” have grown 100%

Ex: trailer hitch installation near me, car stereo installation near me, gutter installation

near me

YoY searches for “low budget” have grown 100%

Ex: low budget simple house design, low budget wedding stage decoration, low

budget single floor house design

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