You ad creative is the most important element of your campaign 🔥 2 ‘Custom Metrics’ you need to setup today:

1: Engage Rate
2: Save Rate

Engage Rate – calculates the percentage of engagements for each ad impression. The higher the number, the more it makes people stop scrolling and interacting with your ad. This means your ad is relevant and triggers action, which helps your ad perform better.

Seperate video ads from visual ads as video plays also count towards ‘engagements’, so you can’t compare video to visual rates.

Ads that generate a low ‘Engage Rate’ should be reviewed. Review your messaging and CTA’s.

Save Rate – calculates the percentage of saves for each ad impression. When people save your ad, it means it has high value and people want to now more or take a closer look when they have more time to spend looking for details. It’s one of the highest valued actions a user can take when seeing your ad.

Segment interaction on high rate ads by creating custom audiences of people watching the videos of these ad and people visiting the landing pages attached to these ads. These would make great retargeting audiences.

Inspect all ad elements of ads that have high engage and save rates. Compare these ads with ads that have low rates. Find the difference and adapt future ads to your learnings.

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