Hyundai Mobility Adventure | Jump into the Epic Journey (Official Launch Film)

Hyundai Mobility Adventure | Jump into the Epic Journey (Official Launch Film) Hyundai pioneers the digital automotive experience on Roblox with its participation in the metaverse. In campaigning for the company’s latest initiatives for sustainability, Hyundai targeted the tech-savvy population and partnered with Roblox for Hyundai Mobility Adventure. The video game highlights an immersive experience between characters […]

How to see your competitor’s LinkedIn Ads:

How to see your competitor’s LinkedIn Ads Here’s one hack we use: Step 1: Go to your competitor’s LinkedIn pageStep 2: Click on “Posts”Step 3: Click on “Ads” You can see all the ads they have ever run Need help running your paid digital marketing campaigns?

Lookalike audience based on people who like or follow your page.

Are you still targeting ‘Friends of people who like your Page’ in Facebook Ads? This will no longer be possible. This audience type is now being replaced by a lookalike audience based on people who like or follow your page. You will need to convert your audience into a lookalike audience to keep running your […]

Engage Rate & Save Rate : 2 Metrics You Need To Measure Creative Performance

You ad creative is the most important element of your campaign 🔥 2 ‘Custom Metrics’ you need to setup today: 1: Engage Rate2: Save Rate Engage Rate – calculates the percentage of engagements for each ad impression. The higher the number, the more it makes people stop scrolling and interacting with your ad. This means […]

3 Ways to Spy 🕵️‍♀️ on your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ads.

Competitive research can help you identify market gaps, opportunities and trends and provide inspiration on how to do better. You can find out how your competitors are using Facebook and Instagram for marketing purposes and how they target audiences in sponsored posts. Here are 3 tips: 🔥 Tip 1: Visit the ‘Ad Library’ to see […]

What people are searching

Looking back on a year in search, people had billions of questions and searches that led down unexpected paths. Many people all over the world reshaped their lives and communities, and Google Search data offers insights into those changing priorities and habits likely to last. We looked back at the top seven shifts in consumer […]

We’re taking it back 31 years.

On this day in 1990, English computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee launched the first website. The site, which is still available, provides an explanation of what the world wide web was at the time and how to get started with your own site, among other details about the internet. Humble beginnings indeed — now, we’re vying with competitors for […]

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