Competitive research can help you identify market gaps, opportunities and trends and provide inspiration on how to do better.

You can find out how your competitors are using Facebook and Instagram for marketing purposes and how they target audiences in sponsored posts.

Here are 3 tips:

🔥 Tip 1: Visit the ‘Ad Library’ to see all ads that your competitor is currently running. Search for your competitor’s Page to browse all ads. You will get a full list of creatives, CTA’s, ad types and landing pages for your selected country. Bonus: Scroll all the way down to find the oldest ads currently running. These ads might be your competitor’s best performing ads, otherwise they would probably no longer be active.

🔥 Tip 2: Follow your competitors’ accounts on both Facebook and Instagram. You will start seeing organic posts and probably also some retargeting ads. Use this info to log what they are talking about and how they promote their services/products.

🔥 Tip 3: Visit your competitor’s website, sign up for their newsletter and follow their accounts on Facebook and Instagram. You will soon see more of your competitor’s ads appear in your newsfeed. When that happens, be sure to click the ad and select ‘Why am I seeing this ad’. This will give you a summary of their ad targeting and you might discover interest/demographic targeting details that might work for your business too.


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